WPC: Earth


White concrete blocks lining the cliff base look tiny next to massive boulders

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for the week of April 19, 2017.

Earth Day is near! This week, let’s celebrate this planet on which we live.

No matter how thick the coating of asphalt we may put down, the truth is we still have very little control over the earth that we live on. At any moment, despite our best efforts, rocks may come tumbling down or rain-swollen creeks may wash away long-established roads.

November 2016 — damaged but under control:

April 2017 — completely washed out:

Two separate creeks caused damage on either end of Negro Bar State Park due to the sequence of rain storms moving through the area this month. Neither of these roads are main thoroughfares, but they do form part of the limited road network inside the park, and cyclists, runners/hikers, and park rangers will all be affected.



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