Little socks

No photos at the moment — I’m just writing a quick note about the pair of socks I’m currently working on. I’m making Tofutsies footies as a birthday gift for my sis, and these socks are firsts for me in a few different ways.

Up to now I’ve managed to finish a total of three pairs of socks, and all of them were worsted weight and knit from the cuff down. I call them my house socks and I’m crazy about them; but now I’m ready to move on to using actual sock yarn . . . and I’ve got plenty of it stockpiled, including Socks That Rock, Lorna’s Laces, and Opal Handpainted.

So now I’m using the Tofutsies yarn that I bought probably a year ago, and I’m knitting footies for her because she hates wearing regular socks.

And because I haven’t yet mastered the art of calculating the right number of cast-on stitches for top-down socks, I decided to knit these socks starting with the toe — another first for me. I figured this way I could try the socks on as I go to make sure they fit (our feet are about the same size).

I began the first sock on 17 June and bound off at the cuff tonight. I didn’t work exclusively on the sock during the past week, so for me this was a pretty fast knit. My plan is to finish up the second sock before 5 July — the opening day of the Tour de France — because her birthday is on 13 July and once the Tour starts, I’ll be devoting my knitting time entirely to my TdF KAL project.

I have a few words to say about that subject, as well, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I’ll also include a photo of finished sock #1 in my next post. I’m just feeling relieved right now to know that, even though I pretty much waited until the last minute, as usual, I still have a chance of getting these socks finished up and ready to give away — and that first sock is looking pretty darn good, if I say so myself!

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