Spring wildflowers

Every year I enjoy hunting for and photographing local wildflowers (both native and non-native); and my enjoyment has increased even more as I’ve learned to identify quite a few of them. It can be frustrating, though, trying to pin the correct names on my images by hunting through Google’s image search — and even more frustrating when I do manage to ID them, only to have forgotten which is which by the following spring! That’s why this year I’ve decided to create my own personal reference page here on my blog, using my own images. If it helps anyone else, that’s even better. Please note that this page is very much a work in progress, and I always appreciate helpful information and comments.

Among the sources I’ve used to name my flowers are:
Sacramento Splash Vernal Pool Plants

Northern California Wildflowers Gallery

Wildflower Identification Guide

Wildflowers of California: A Month-by-Month Guide, by Laird R. Blackwell

Field Guild to Wildflowers, Western Region, by the National Audobon Society


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