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Month: May 2018

Save the roses!

My neighbor works so hard at tending her beautiful roses that it makes me sad she had to put this sign up on her fence. I hope the guilty party […]


My entry for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week. Your photos can show anything that covers the ground like:  sand, dirt, grass, paths, walks, trails, etc. This is […]

Family outing

Mallard pairs form long before the spring breeding season. Pairing takes place in the fall, but courtship can be seen all winter. Only the female incubates the eggs and takes […]
Family outing

WPC: All-Time Favorites

In the final edition of the Weekly Photo Challenge, Daily Post staff contributors share their favorite photos and invite you to do the same. All-Time Favorites — Trying to choose my favorite photo […]

Calico morning

I know I’ll see at least a couple of cats out and about if I go walking in the mornings. Some of them want nothing to do with me; a […]

Musical Monday… maybe

I’m not sure Musical Monday will actually become a thing, but while I contemplate the possibility, here’s a great video I just discovered with music by the great Mark Knopfler […]