Spying on eagles


We are so lucky to have a pair of bald eagles nesting at Lake Natoma for the second year in a row. Their aerie is located high in a pine tree which hangs over the edge of the bluffs, only a short walk from my house.


The nest is in the V-shaped tree; the city of Folsom lies below, to the east

A couple of days ago I hiked down below the bluff to the bike trail, hoping to get a peek at the juvenile eagles from a different angle, facing west with the sun at my back. My plan didn’t work out too well — although I suppose if I was willing and/or able to pick a spot and wait patiently, I might get lucky eventually.


View of the nest from below the bluff


One lucky shot from below

This morning was a bit overcast, offering a chance to see the nest without the sun blinding me. Even while standing at the regulated distance (so as not to disturb the nesting birds) I had a great view of the male perched near the nest. Pine branches obscured my view of the juveniles, who seemed to have their backs to me; even though I couldn’t shoot very good pictures, it was great to just stand there and take in the sight, knowing there’s a healthy breeding pair of bald eagles raising the next generation of their species right in my back yard.



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