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Month: January 2016

Pink Flowers

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Pink or Magenta Flowers: Neighborhood roses   Homegrown camellias

Yellow/Orange Flowers

Garden flowers: It took me a fair bit of Googling but I believe these are Canna Lilies. Although the flowers look a bit droopy, their bright orange hue caught my […]

White Flowers

Hollyhock flower seen in my neighborhood.  These flowers originated in Asia and Europe and are now widely popular with gardeners.  Kyoto, Japan, holds an annual Hollyhock Festival every May. For […]
White Flowers

California Coastal Critters

I took these photos in September and December 2015.  I was delighted to get close enough for decent shots with my point-and-shoot camera; but at the time I could only […]

WPC: Weight(less)

The Daily Post weekly photo challenge for the week of January 8, 2016 This enormous granite core is displayed in Folsom’s Pioneer Village just off Sutter Street. Here’s a close-up […]

WPC: Circles

The Daily Post Photo Challenge for the week of January 1 Most knitters, whether they’ve learned to spin their own fiber into yarn or not, will feel the urge to […]

Red Flowers

Well, now that my somewhat crazy December is finally over, I hope to return to the habit of posting on a regular basis.  I definitely have a lot of new […]