Yellow/Orange Flowers

Garden flowers:


It took me a fair bit of Googling but I believe these are Canna Lilies. Although the flowers look a bit droopy, their bright orange hue caught my eye as I was walking through my neighborhood, and I had to go back for a photo.


The colors here a more subtle but still glorious.  I’m lucky to have neighbors who enjoy tending to roses, and just walking past the colorful blooms brightens my day.




Indian paintbrush along the base of the cliffs at Negro Bar State Park.


I had to try several times before finally getting some good shots of these flowers; they lie at the base of a cliff that gets heavy sunlight most of the day, and that tends to make accurate photo coloring tough.  If it’s not too sunny, it’s usually too breezy — these beautiful buds do a lot of swaying in the wind!


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