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Another wonderful benefit of Ravelry and the fact that people share info about their stash: I’ve now got a clue about the yardage of both my Colourmart DK angora/lambswool AND my Unger stash!

I’m really tickled about the Unger; I think I recall not too long ago writing in my journal something about how proud I am about having more Unger Cruise than anyone else on Ravelry (although I’m still not sure that’s something to brag about). But despite each and every ball of this yarn having an identical and very clear label, thanks to my atrocious math skills I could never figure out 1) how much yardage each ball contained and 2) what exactly 1.4/10 oz meant.

Well, because there are now three or four other people who own Unger Cruise and someone was clever enough to figure out the yardage of a single ball (210 yards), I now can add up my total yardage and record in my notebook.


And it’s a pretty mindblowing sum, I must say. I’ve got four different colors: pink, apricot, white, and mint. Here’s how it stacks up −− the mint green (6 skeins) = 1260 yds; the apricot (8 skeins) = 1680; the pink (11 skeins) = 2310; and the white (20 skeins) = 4200.

This means that I have a total of 9,240 yards of Unger Cruise yarn. I guess that’s a good reason to stop buying the stuff — especially since I still have no clue what to knit with it.

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  1. Since you like Unger Yarn, would you happen to know the weight of Unger English Crepe Yarn? I found a great chevron dress for a little girl, but obviously, I can’t find the yarn.

  2. I wish I could help you out, but I’ve never heard of that particular yarn. I Googled it (as I’m sure you probably did) and came up with nothing.

    You might try asking on Ravelry, assuming you have an account there — and if you don’t it’s easy to sign up. Although Unger English Crepe isn’t listed in their database, it’s possible someone on the forum might have heard of it.

    Good luck!

  3. If you ever decide to get rid of your Unger Cruise yarn, ping me. I know just what to crochet with it.

  4. I have some Unger Cruise. Is it comparable to a sport weight yarn? I need 14 oz of sport weight to make a baby afghan and I have approximately 7 skeins of the Unger Cruise (net:1.4/10 oz) Can anyone tell me if I have enough for that pattern?

    • I just saw your comment! Unger Cruise is listed as a sport weight yarn on Ravelry, and according to the info I find there (and doing a bit of math), 14 oz — roughly equal to 497 grams — adds up to 10 skeins, plus a little bit more.
      I might be able to offer some ideas if you wanted to try and find more Cruise. What color(s) are you using? Alternatively, you can look on Ravelry and perhaps find another available pattern you like. I definitely can sympathize with running short on yarn for a project!

      • Hi Christina,
        I’d say Unger Cruise is between a fingering weight and a sport weight. Maybe closer to fingering.
        Colors, oh boy, many! A few shades of lavender, bright cherry red, light pink, orange sherbet, light mint, dusty rose, a few shades of turquoise, yellow, flesh, black, rust, tan, peach, grey, white, light blue, bright pink.
        I’ve used it to make shawls, fingerless mitts, headwarmers, even an elf! Send you a picture? Lol

        Guessing I have over 150 skeins of Unger on hand at the moment. I also have a massive assortment of Melrose Yarn’s Cravenella, a lace weight 70/30 wool/rayon blend. It was a fabulous fashion yarn made in Brooklyn NY til the early 80’s. It was spun so well it has its own tension, making for lovely drape and body.

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