Golden Gate: Six Aspects

Back in the mid 1980s I took this picture of San Francisco’s beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.  It’s still one of my favorites, but this week I decided to play around with a couple of different photo-editing programs and see if I could improve the shot.


gate (original)

Black and white (Aviary)

gate (B&W)


San Carmen (Aviary)

gate (San Carmen)


High saturation (Aviary)

gate (High saturation)


Cloud effects/Daguerreotype frame (PicMonkey)

2857004993_a834a7d2f9_o (1)


Sepia tone/Daguerreotype frame (PicMonkey

2857004993_a834a7d2f9_o (2)

I’d love to hear your opinion — which version do you prefer, and why?

(I’m still making up my mind!)





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