Things That Are Wet

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Things That Are Wet.  Interesting topic for me, living in drought-stricken California!  Here’s what came to mind:


This was a few years ago; if you look carefully, you can see the gutters are filled with rushing water (not to mention the wind has blown some branches out of our tree).

Soggy kisses on the bridge

On this cold, wet day I was walking across the bridge when I looked down and saw someone had dropped some Hershey Kisses.  It made me feel just a little bit sad. 🙁

Sturgeon 2

This fair-sized sturgeon lives in the giant tank at Bass Pro Shops store in Rocklin, California.  He’s definitely wet and plans on staying that way.

Buster and Pinkie

Here are Buster and Pinkie going a little bit crazy and trying to bite the cascade of water shooting out of the sprinkler.  The game was never over until they were both completely drenched.

And of course, there’s not too many things wetter than the ocean!  I took this video because I wanted to be able to revisit the Northern California coast and listen to the relaxing sound of the surf any time,  even if I was stuck at home in the hot Sacramento Valley.  The only thing missing is the smell of the salty air.


    • Thanks, Cee! I wondered if a video in a photo challenge might be stretching a point — but I couldn’t resist adding it. 😉

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