The Adventure Continues… California Water

Constructed in the 1930s, the Colorado River Aqueduct is considered one of the greatest engineering projects in the world – bringing water to thirsty Southern Californians across over 200 miles of barren, remote desert. Starting at Lake Havasu, we trace the route the water follows through huge pipes, tunnels, canals and pumping plants. Along the way we meet the men and women who are carrying on the proud MWD tradition of bringing water to Southern California.

Water is a precious commodity for which there is no substitute, and in California there rarely seems to be enough to satisfy everyone who wants it.  We’ve been experiencing a drought in both the north and the south parts of the state for the past five years (despite what some politicians claim), and only time will tell when it will end.

Interestingly, after I watched this episode, I stumbled across a Newsweek article from June 2015 with much more information about the Colorado River, which provides fresh water to seven western states.  According to the article, “California uses almost one-third of the entire Colorado River flow.”

This hour-long episode of California’s Gold, first aired in 1999, focuses on Southern California’s Metropolitan Water District and the monumental efforts it has made to bring fresh, clean water to the Los Angeles area.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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