Big Buildings

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for this week is Commercial or Industrial Buildings.

This week I want to see buildings of where we all work.  Big skyscrapers, factories and  huge warehouses that store commercial products or edible foods. A commercial building can also be a small building for those smaller stores and shops.

At first I was completely intimidated by this week’s challenge — I usually don’t go around photographing buildings!  But after I sat down and took a few deep, cleansing breaths, I began to realize I do have a few buildings to share, collected from the coast of California all the way to northern Texas.


I’ve never set foot inside this theater but I love this photo, which I took when we stayed a few nights in the small town of Monte Rio, in the Northern California’s coastal mountains.  There’s the message on the marquee, the collection of vintage movie posters… and the fact that, a few months after I shot the picture, I spotted this building in a pharmaceutical ad on TV.  So I guess that definitely makes this a “commercial building,” right?  😉

San Francisco’s Financial District is full of big important buildings.  I can’t identify the first two, but the third one (on the right) is the iconic Transamerica Building.

These buildings are located on Front Street in Old Sacramento; they have a lot to say about the city’s early history — and as an added bonus, in the background behind the Tehama Block building you can see ongoing construction of a high-rise in the more modern part of the city.


Two more historic buildings — these are both found on Sutter Street, in Folsom’s historic district.


And finally… I took this photo from the car window as we drove along the Northwest Highway outside Fort Worth, Texas, in 2008.  I’m not sure why I like it so much; maybe it’s because it looks almost like a painting to me.  I swear I saw something like this in a doctor’s waiting room once!

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