Colors of Autumn

I live in the northern half of my state, not in (more or less) perpetually sunny Southern California… but we still don’t get anything like the beautiful fall colors people travel hundreds of miles to view, like in New England and other northern climates.

Still, if you can manage to get up early enough on a clear morning and choose to brave the 40° (F) temps, you’ll get a chance to see some surprisingly colorful leaves.


Leaves on the beach at Negro Bar SP


Blackberry leaves


Sunlight through the trees


Sunny morning light


  1. Chris, I have always loved the colors of fall. I do not know how all are made but am thankful that we have them. And that you took some pictures. Hollis

    • Thanks for commenting, Hollis. I feel very lucky I have good health to go out hiking, and the time to pay attention to little details I might otherwise miss. Those are the things I really love to photograph and share!

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