The Adventure Continues… Holiday Star

Upland was hard hit by the 2003 wildfires and there is much rebuilding still to come. For the holiday season, this tight-knit community joined together to recreate a brilliantly lit star on a hilltop which shined for many years, but was destroyed by the fires. It is again a sign of hope and renewal for everyone who sees it.

Many of us like to celebrate the holidays by decorating our houses with Christmas lights and decorations, but the 30-foot high star adorning the San Antonio Heights neighborhood of Upland, California, has a unique and heartwarming story all its own.

Huell liked this episode so much, he shared it twice — once in California’s Gold and the second time in his series called Visiting.  I couldn’t let the season go by without sharing this wonderful story!

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)


And just to add an update, below is a Youtube video made in 2015 of the annual erection of the star; and here is a story dated November 2016 about the star. The tradition continues!

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