The Adventure Continues… Folsom Prison


Since I’m currently mulling over my response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post, I thought this episode of California’s Gold might make a good tie-in to the theme of Security.

I have to admit I’ve never actually visited Folsom Prison — although I’m within walking distance of a pretty good view of the place, as you can see from the image above!  One thing I didn’t know until a few years ago is that there are actually two prisons near the city of Folsom.  The one Huell visits in this episode is the original, historic Folsom State Prison; and the newer one is California State Prison, Sacramento.

Huell tours Folsom Prison, which for well over a century has housed some of our state’s toughest characters and gets a rare look inside this landmark prison. He visits Folsom’s first death row, the chapel-which contains what has to be one of the most unusual paintings of “The Last Supper,” the historic “China Hill,” and the seldom-seen prison graveyard, final resting place for generations of prisoners.

(Click the linked image below to see the video.)

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