WPC: Danger!


The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for the week of May 3, 2017.

This week, share a photo that says Danger! to you. A view down the steep hill you’re about to bike, the last piece of cake that’s in danger of being eaten, signage in your town warning you about gigantic sword-toting shrubbery — there are lots of places you can take this, not all of them scary.

The news of this year’s first drowning at Lake Natoma which I posted about on Monday has made me even more aware of the various signs posted throughout the areas I tend to hike most often.




Of course, water isn’t the only potential source of danger.


And occasionally, the danger isn’t to us humans, but to the wildlife (like bald eagles!) trying to go about the business of survival in the places where we like to play.



    • I’ve never seen a mountain lion either, but I was lucky enough to spot a bobcat early one morning! Far enough away for safety — we eyed each other and then she disappeared into the brush. 🙂

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