Historic teacups


California State Railroad Museum, Old Sacramento

The theme of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Glasses, Cups, Saucers.

I know your first question is, do I have to take all photos in my home an the answer is no your photos can be taken anywhere.  I just need to see glasses, cups and saucers this week.

The Chinese certainly played an important role in the history of the California Gold Rush and the building of the Union Pacific railroad. Their presence is also noted in such local placenames as China Slough and Chinese Diggings, as well as the legend that Greenback Lane — a major thoroughfare in eastern Sacramento County — was originally built by Chinese laborers who were paid in currency called “greenbacks.”

I found these teacup shards a few winters ago at Folsom Lake, while the water level was low:painted-bowl-shard-view-3_16108030823_opainted-bowl-shard-view-1_16108031153_oblue-green-ceramic-cup-view-2_16541825599_o


Folsom History Museum, Sutter Street


  1. Wow you found some really interesting pieces and I like the photos. I found some very tiny pieces of china I think might be from Victorian crockery. I also dug up some old bottles once but they are all mid century. Great fun and interesting all the same

    • I always love finding stuff like this in museums. When I collected these shards 20 years ago I thought nothing of bringing them home; now I know better. Anything found at Folsom Lake is meant to stay in situ, and I bring home only my photographs. 🙂

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