Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge — Howe Scale


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: June 11, 2017

Nearly every time I go out to Denio’s in Roseville I’m drawn to a corner in one building with a row of rusted old farm and industrial implements. I have no idea what most of them are or what they might be worth, if anything. And maybe I’ve watched too many episodes of American Pickers on TV, but I can’t help but feel fascinated by these forgotten antiques.



The Big Guy tells me this is an old drill press

The one item that’s most interested me, the Howe Scale, has been the toughest one to photograph because of its size, limited choice of angles, and the quality of the available light. I was reduced to shooting it in bits and pieces.DSCF6799DSCF6800

Since my new camera offers me a fish-eye lens effect, I had to go back yesterday for another try. I’d really love to know where this old scale has been and what sorts of loads it has weighed during its long history!



    • Oops! You’re right — I’m embarassed because I’ve actually used a drill press, and this machine doesn’t look anything like one of those. 🙂


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