Eagle eyes


About a month ago I posted a couple of photos which I took while hiking the Rollingwood Bluffs. A pair of bald eagles chose to build a nest in one of the trees above Lake Natoma, and it’s sort of a big deal around here. This is in an area where I frequently walk, so I’ve actually had one or two glimpses of these amazing birds. But getting a picture seemed out of the question — partly because my little camera didn’t have enough zoom, partly because I had to shoot directly into the morning sun, and also because of the signs bearing dire warnings to anyone who stopped walking anywhere near the nest site.


But today, luck was finally with me. And if anyone asks you, I wasn’t “loitering.” I just paused for a second or two to… catch my breath before proceeding on. Yeah, that’s it.


Juvenile bald eagle checking me out — I’d better move along!

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