Mexico Monday, Week 19


My sister and I with some new friends in our motel swimming pool

Welcome back to Mexico Monday! I’ve started going through the latest batch of slides which my mom recently discovered — and like the previous images I’ve shared, most of these are not labeled, although some of them have a date stamp showing when they were developed. I’m trying to organize them by year as much as possible, but it does get a bit tedious! So this week I’ve picked out some of my favorites from 1968, even if I can’t always tell exactly where they were taken.

During our earliest trips to Mexico we spent a fair amount of time in various Volkswagen dealerships. Our camper was slow and amazingly reliable — considering that it carried us from Northern California, through Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas and finally all the way to Mexico City and back — but a few breakdowns were inevitable, and I recall sitting in a number of dealership waiting rooms for what seemed like hours to me back then.


Getting a complimentary soft drink with my mom, Mexico City dealership


Unique vehicle in the VW dealership, Zacatecas

We also visited more than a few motels and restaurants along the road. While they all tend to blend together in my mind, my family still chuckle over the memory of a restaurant in Tepic where the waiter was so busy making eyes at my sister that he spilled water all over our table.


This motel was in Tepic


I think this motel was in the city of Culiacán



Not sure where the Restaurant Savoy was, but I suspect it didn’t quite live up to its fancy name

The image below was labeled as Guadalajara; from the architecture in the background, I believe the location must be outside the enormous Mercado Libertad, one of my favorite places to explore — and beg for my parents to buy me things! There were handmade Spanish guitars, blankets, toys, and a huge assortment of tropical fruits and vegetables. I’m fairly sure I never asked for a live bird, but the stacks of cages were always very colorful and attractive.


I’ll finish off this week with a photo of my mom, my sister, and me on the steps outside the US Embassy in Mexico City in 1968. It’s still located on a city street named after the Danube River. I’m not sure why we were there or why everybody looks so serious!



  1. Are you kidding! Do you see the matching dresses mom and I have on? Another las sic example of the fashion we had to be part of the chorale international!

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