Mexico Monday, Week 20


I’m on the right, with my hair done up for a special banquet event

I’m certain that all but one my images this week were shot during the summer of 1970, mostly because of the date stamp on the slide frame. I can also narrow down the time period, in some cases at least, by the eyeglasses I’m wearing or the length of my hair. I got my first pair of glasses in 1969, and I wore the same brown plastic frames until 1973, when I switched to wire frames — like in the image below, where I’m standing on the left. As you can see, my hair was much shorter by then also.


My dad and I standing with one of our host families, 1973

According to the notes my dad added to the next slide, this picture was taken somewhere along the toll road between Querétaro and Guadalajara. My mom is taking a turn at driving our VW bus. One of the sights on that leg of the trip was a bullfighting ring; I’m not sure of the exact location, and this is as close as any of us wanted to get to it.


The gallery shows four views of the city of Zacatecas, taken from one of the hills above the city. I may have mentioned previously that I don’t have very good memories of this particular town because, although it’s situated only about 8,000 feet above sea level, for some reason I suffered from terrible altitude sickness the entire time I was there.


Finally this week, two pictures from Mexico City. Above, my mom and I are walking toward one of the big markets in the city; it’s difficult to see, but a sign on the left side of the building says “Mercado.” And below, my mom and I are sitting with another of our host families — and my older sister is standing behind us, wearing blue. Everyone looks pretty happy… except for me!



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