The Adventure Continues… Joshua Tree

Vintage slide #260

In California we’re lucky to have not only magnificent Sequoia sempervirens (coast redwood) but also the Yucca brevifolia, a desert survivor that inspired the Mormon settlers of the 1800s to name them after the Biblical Joshua. I’m familiar with the Joshua tree mostly from the U2 album of the same name (released in 1987), and I have to admit I’ve never seen one of these amazing trees in person; but Huell does a fine job of introducing them and demonstrating how important they are to the desert ecosystem.


Also note that, according to this site (which has a lot more great information on Joshua Tree National Park), the Barber Pole has now reached 42 feet in height and is still standing tall!

Join popular PBS host Huell Howser and ecologist Jim Cornett as they explore Joshua Tree National Park for a look at these amazing trees found in only four states and no where else in the world. Included is a visit to the record holding “Barber Pole” tree and an up close look at the desert night lizard, one of the smallest reptiles in the world, which lives under the dead limbs of the Joshua Tree.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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