Memory Monday, Week 62


Two weeks ago I began sharing some professionally shot vintage slides that form part of my mom’s collection. That initial set were all labeled as Wesco slides; but the remainder of images included in this box are labeled only with numbers — so I can only guess at their locations.


I believe that the next two images may have something to do with a county fair in Southern California; they seem to be exhibits of Sunkist brand Oranges. The second photo includes the names Crafton Mutual Orchards in Mentone (Riverside County) and Allen Break & Son in Bryn Mawr (San Bernardino County).


I’m guessing that the black horse depicted above may be Silkwood, a record-setting trotter which helped swell attendance at the early 1890s Orange County fairs.


I’m not sure what lake this is, but it’s clearly a lovely spot!

The good news is that I’ve finally ordered a new slide scanner, and I hope to be back next week with a new and improved appearance to my slides!

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