Anticipation vs living in the moment


Life is always better when you have something to look forward to — no matter how small that something might be. Right now, I’m looking forward to my vacation in mid August. In fact, I’m so obsessed with my upcoming adventure that I’ve actually got a countdown app on my phone! That seemed like a fun idea at the time I downloaded it, but now I think it’s only adding to my daily stress.

Since making my plans at the end of June, I’ve been seriously struggling to keep my mind off the trip and to find joy in all the days between now and that magic date in the future. There’s such a fine line between happy anticipation and just plain impatience.


As a kid whenever I’d say “I can’t wait till x happens,” I remember somebody (probably Mom or Dad) telling me “Don’t wish your life away.” That advice mostly went in one ear and out the other — but these days it has a lot more meaning for me. I have a lot less of my life ahead of me; I definitely shouldn’t be wishing it to go by any faster!


How do you balance anticipation with taking one day at a time and trying to live in the moment?


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