The Adventure Continues… Hidden Alcatraz


Alcatraz Island, August 2017

By the time you read this, I will be in San Francisco, eagerly embarking on the ferry to Alcatraz! After years of hearing about its history and seeing it across the water from a distance, I finally decided it was time to explore the island for myself. I’m looking forward to checking out the prison as well as the gardens (I’ll have more about those next Wednesday), but I’m also eager to learn more of the history of Alcatraz. As Huell finds out in this episode, this island is much, much more than just a retired federal prison.




Most of us have seen one of the countless films based on Alcatraz, from the Birdman to Clint Eastwood and his Escape From Alcatraz. Over a million people every year take the ferry through the thick San Francisco fog to walk the cell blocks that housed the likes of Machine Gun Kelley and Al Capone. As usual Huell wasn’t satisfied with the regular tour and went in search of the “Hidden Alcatraz”.

Join Huell and Luis as they go under Alcatraz and discover the labyrinth of tunnels and caves that honeycomb “The Rock”. The remnants of our state’s rich history are finally uncovered in this very special tour. There is much more to Alcatraz than meets the eye.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)HH1002d

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