Memory Monday, Week 99

I grew up less than 8 miles from the shores of Lake Natoma — and yet I had no idea that Lake Natoma even existed until I was an adult! The Big Guy, on the other hand, grew up with the lake almost literally in his front yard and spent much of his time playing and fishing there. The longer I live within walking distance of this suburban jewel (going on 33 years, believe it or not) the more I appreciate it.

Ponds and inlets, 1997

Lake Natoma, formed from the American River, lies between Folsom Dam and Nimbus Dam and is part of the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. I’ve walked along the lake shore and taken countless photos (and a few videos) over the last three decades. Some of my happiest memories are of walking with the dogs from our house down to the lake to play in the water; they never tired of these outings. And Buster especially was always ready to have another go at those darned fish — even if he had to fetch them from the water himself!

Buster at Negro Bar, 1994

Fishing Lake Natoma ponds, 1997

Buster, Gabby, and Pinky at one of their favorite playgrounds, 1997

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