Big rock

This morning I went for a hike near Doton’s Point on the western shore of Folsom Lake. This feels like a fairly isolated area — at least during the week, at this time of year — although in truth there are quite a few upscale neighborhoods just out of sight, up among the trees and hills lining this edge of the state park. Still, I had the trail mostly to myself; so when I came across this enormous boulder I decided to spend a few minutes playing with the self-timer on my camera.

Giant rocks are scattered all around this part of the lake; this one looked large enough to build a house on, and while I tried to shoot it, I felt like the true scale wasn’t showing up. I finally set my camera down on the rock and ran down to the other end to pose. I’m still not convinced these shots give any idea of the rock’s true size, but at least I got a little exercise, running back and forth a few times!

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