Climbing hills

I don’t need a stair-climbing machine in my house to get a good workout; I can walk or drive a fairly short distance and find some great hills to climb. And the springtime, before the weeds dry out and become full of stickers, is a perfect time to enjoy some of these near-vertical trails. It also helps me keep some perspective and remind myself what a scenic area I live in.

I tried a few different angles on this hill, trying to accurately depict the upward angle; I think the view from the side probably captures it best, even through the branches of an oak tree.

The one above truly scared me — I kept imagining I was going to trip and tumble all the way down to the bike trail below. Needless to say, I climbed very, very slowly; and when I realized there was a slightly easier way back down, I took the alternate route.

No guard rails here!

Even if you can’t afford a house on the bluff, you can still enjoy the views

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