Memory Monday, Week 109

Church ground-breaking ceremony, Citrus Heights

I did not have a very productive weekend this week, so today I’m sharing a few random images from the slide collection. The most interesting thing to me about the church ground-breaking pictures (besides the old cars) is the almond orchard visible in the background. Most of the trees are long gone, but they once covered the entire area, including where our house was built and the park across the street. I spent a lot of happy hours playing in the “wilds” of that park — before it became civilized, with the trees torn out and grass planted where blackberry bushes once ruled.

My uncle Daryl riding the train at Roseville’s Royer Park, date unknown

Dad and Wendy, 1953

Wend showing off her Accordian Festival trophy, Aug 65

The park across the street from our house, before development, date unknown

The view north from our street

Posing with balloons in Mexico, 1971

Making friends with “Firpo” in Mexico, around 1972

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