Two new toys

I’m pretty excited about the recent arrival of two new cameras — I can’t wait to get outdoors and start learning to use them both! My first is the venerable Rebel T2, a 35mm SLR which I bought on eBay. It came with a pair of lenses and two rolls of black and white film. I’ve already bought some color film, and I’ve taken up a couple of rolls.

I can’t tell you how well my photos came out because — get this — I have to send them away to get developed! It shouldn’t be such a big deal; I mean, I grew up using film cameras and was perfectly happy to send my film off to Seattle Film Works and wait for my prints to arrive. But I’ve become quite spoiled by digital photography. And let’s face it, if you make a mistake shooting with a digital camera, you just erase it and try again. Oh well. But that’s why my second new camera is even more of a thrill for me: the 24 megapixel Rebel SL2.

There’s nothing old school about this DSLR; it even has the capability of teaching me how to use all its features. That might take me awhile, but hopefully it will be lots of fun!

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