Lake Natoma early birds

Lesser Goldfinch

It used to be when I thought of the birds of Lake Natoma, Canada geese and various types of ducks sprang to mind. Then of course bald eagles were added to the list! But lately I’m finding that early morning weekdays seem to be my best time for photographing some of the many smaller species I never paid much attention to before. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that much of the bike traffic is absent, thanks to the rock slides, and more trees and bushes have sprung up from the piles of rubble where cyclists used to zoom past, heading downstream from Negro Bar. The trails repairs are long overdue, and naturally most people are eager to get the work completed. I have to admit, though, there’s a part of me that’s going to miss the increased bird activity along this stretch of the trail. So I guess I’d better get busy and take advantage of it while I can, before the work starts up in the fall…

Female downy woodpecker

Rufous-crowned sparrow

Female Lesser Goldfinches

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