For the birds

As I’ve mentioned before, the local hummingbirds have been a big draw for me on my morning walks, but there are plenty of other small birds which are active along the lake shore in the mornings. Some are easier to photograph than others; for example, the rufous-crowned sparrows are fairly common sights, and sometimes I’d almost swear they are showing off for my camera!

On the other hand, my attempts to photograph the delightful Western kingbirds have been fairly frustrating. They move very fast and tend to alight either high up on the bluff, far out of range of my lens, or strategically placed behind branches.

Then there are the birds that I manage to shoot but can’t accurately identify. I include among this group the birds I had publicly tagged with the wrong name — like the female downy woodpecker in my previous post. I did consult my bird book before making the call, but it wasn’t until a couple of days later when I saw a male laboring away in the very same small tree that I started to realize my mistake. At the moment I’m pretty sure the first two images below show a male Nuttall’s woodpecker, and the third one is a female of the same species… but I’m happy to be corrected if necessary!

And finally, after sitting here staring at a few of my images from last week, I’m beginning to wonder if one of the birds I’d labeled as a Western-slope flycatcher might actually be one of the elusive kingbirds. What do you think?


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