Vintage wheels

I noticed this gorgeous old pedal car while walking through my neighborhood not long ago. I don’t know too much about them — other than what I’ve seen on TV shows like American Pickers — but I think this may be a Murray Pontiac, manufactured in the late 1940s or early 1950s. I hope this little car is going to receive some loving restoration!

Here’s another vintage beauty from my neighborhood. I almost walked right by before I realized what I was seeing — then I went back for another look. I have no idea how old this railcar might be, or anything else about it. The only reason I recognized it is that I remember seeing Huell Howser riding in one, traveling up to Mount Shasta along with a large group of railcar enthusiasts. I really wish I was bold enough to knock on the door and ask to go along on this rail car’s next outing!

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