Memory Monday slides redux, Week 20

Birthday girl

Scenes from Grandma’s house, 1957 — I may have mentioned a few times before that many of the old family pictures, arranged within a number of slide carousels, are not actually in chronological order. When the slides themselves aren’t labeled, sometimes it’s hard to tell how to group them together in a way that makes sense to me now. This particular carousel was labeled “San Francisco” and contains, along with the series from 1958 that I just completed, a bunch of slides from 1957 and 1959, one from 1956, and this studio portrait from 1955:

A blurry shot in Grandma’s back yard, 1956

But the rest of this week’s images date from the first half of 1957; and even though I wasn’t born yet, I had no problem recognizing the inside of my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I think it’s pretty obvious we kids always loved spending time there!

Uncle Daryl looks on from the background

I can’t resist pointing out the small sweater, pale green with dark spots, draped over the back of the armchair — this was hand knit by my mom, and she made the exact same sweater in different colors for all of us girls, including my niece (daughter of the birthday girl), who enjoyed her yellow one years later (I think mine was pink).

Grandma’s cookie jar, looking just the way I remember it

Enjoying that cookie

And sharing with Dad

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