Memory Monday slides redux, Week 25

Now, I know that last Monday I promised to show some slides from the 1960s this week. However, I now realize I have just a couple more sets from the 1950s to rescan before moving on. I’m definitely enjoying myself sorting through and attempting to organize this slide collection — but it can be a bit overwhelming at times, especially since I’m nowhere near as organized as I’d like. On my computer hard drive this week I’ve discovered several duplicate images as well as JPGs I had parked in temporary folders and forgotten about! Besides the various slide carousels, I’ve been slowly working my way through two boxes like this:

The labels on these boxes don’t necessarily match what’s inside!

So with that all said, I’m briefly returning to boxed slides from 1957 — this week to Washington, D.C., and later to Chicago, Iowa, and San Diego, California. After that, it’s back to the slide carousels and the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. And here’s to getting organized!

Washington Monument

Outside the Lincoln Memorial


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