Water feature

Yesterday I drove out to Granite Bay on Folsom Lake looking for some good hiking trails. I’ve visited this particular spot many times in the past with the Big Guy; I tag along behind as he walks the lake shore, completely focused on his search of bass. On this day, however, I was on my own and I decided to hike away from the lake, following a mountain bike trail up to the top of a ridge and down the other side — where I found this very nice pond and some extremely cool birds.

Ring-necked Duck

How to get her attention: come in for a landing right under her nose. Not too subtle!

I could have stayed in that spot all day, watching a couple of male Buffleheads showing off for the lone female — splashing and sweeping into the air, only to turn and settle back into the water. Over and over they lifted off and splashed down, giving me plenty of opportunity to try and capture them with my camera. Other than the birds and a few large turtles I had the place to myself, and I felt like I hit the jackpot in finding this secluded little pond. I can’t wait to go back and see what else the place might have in store!

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