Memory Monday, Week 117

Last Monday I showed you some photos of my mom boarding the train heading for Iowa. Since she’s graciously given me permission, I’ll be sharing some of the many pictures she shot during her trip in August 2000. I mean, I did lend her my camera and tell her to be sure and take as many pics as she could! This week, some views through the train window of her journey through the western US.

Sierra Nevada mountains

Looking down on Interstate 80

Donner Lake

Truckee, California

The California Zephyr’s route parallels Interstate 80 and the Humboldt River through Nevada and crosses the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It follows the Colorado River into the Rocky Mountains and runs along the Platte River in Nebraska, crossing the Missouri River into Iowa south of Omaha.

Echo Canyon, Utah

Mt Garfield, near Grand Junction, Colorado

Next week, a family reunion!

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