Plenty of tweets

Acorn woodpecker above Lake Natoma

It’s getting to be that time of year again — the time when the weather starts warming up (at least on certain days) and I start getting outside more often and hearing more birds in the trees. Spotting them can be a different story, though, and capturing them with my camera is yet another challenge. The final difficulty can be identifying them — especially if their markings aren’t uniquely colorful.

Oak titmouse, Lake Natoma

White-breasted nuthatch at Lake Natoma

White-breasted nuthatch — a better capture at Folsom Lake

Northern mockingbird in my front yard

Unknown bird, Folsom Lake oak woodland

Scrub jay

Unknown bird, Folsom Lake dry lakebed

I’m pretty sure this is a California towhee; Folsom Lake oak woodland

Lesser goldfinch pair, Lake Natoma

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