Botanical Garden beauties

Pickerel weed

One great thing about getting my photo files at least partially organized is finding images that I had forgotten about — even ones shot as recently as last summer. Today, with the sun shining in a bright clear sky and a cold north wind gusting, looking back through pictures of the wide variety of plant life gathered into just one corner of the San Francisco Botanical Garden was exactly what I needed.

Moreton Bay Fig

The beautiful Moreton Bay Fig tree was one of the first things I noticed as I entered the Botanical Garden on this visit — and as soon as I read the little sign identifying it I remembered the famous Moreton Bay fig seen in an episode of California’s Gold that I featured back in May 2019. That particular tree, planted as a sapling in Santa Barbara in 1876, is still very much alive and growing today. It’s actually been a designated historic landmark since 1970. I think the Moreton Bay fig in San Francisco has a long way to go to reach the same proportions as its sibling in Santa Barbara, but just give it time!

Pineapple Lily, a native of South Africa

Karo tree, New Zealand

Garden Nasturtiums

Paths near the South Africa Garden

Tree Dahlias, southwest Mexico

Temperate Asia

Dawn Redwood, central China

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