The Adventure Continues… Sequoia Black History

This episode of California’s Gold, which originally aired in 2004, provides a perfect finish for Black History Month — the story of two inspiring men, Col. Charles Young and George Washington Carver, and a memorial lost to history until 2003. It’s one of my favorites, and maybe it will be one of yours too.

Huell joins the centennial celebration of Colonel Charles Young’s tenure as superintendent at Sequoia National Park. Young led his “Buffalo Soldiers” during a historic summer working in the second national park ever created in the United States. Young discovered and named a majestic Giant Sequoia after an individual that inspired and influenced his life, Booker T. Washington. After nearly 100 years, this tree has been
rediscovered and stands as a monument to both Colonel Charles Young and Booker T. Washington.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

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