Throwback Thursday: Avery’s Pond 2018

A full and healthy pond, April 2018

Our most recent hike out to Avery’s Pond (via the Rattlesnake Bar entrance to Folsom Lake) left us a little bit depressed when we saw how low the water levels were in the pond. The lake itself was nearly full, so it was a surprise to find the pond lower than we could ever remember seeing it.

View from the southeast bank

Looking east toward Folsom Lake; the brown area is normally underwater

Thick algae coats the water at the north end of the pond

The photos I shot when we hiked to the area in April 2018 show the pond as we are accustomed to seeing it, especially during the spring.

Northern end of the pond, 2018

Yellow lilacs, 2018. This year we saw hardly any lilacs near the pond

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