Memory Monday: Hicks Album, Week 20

WordPress really managed to confuse me this morning as I looked back to confirm that I was indeed on Week 20 of this particular series: it seems that I created Week 19 a little bit ahead of schedule — back in mid May. For a few minutes there I couldn’t find it on my list of published posts and started to doubt it had ever been published! Now I see it listed but can’t tell if it appeared in the proper order. So just in case you may have missed it, the link is right here.

Moving on — this will be my final week of the Hicks Album, and I truly am going to miss going through this photographer’s collection. I’ve really enjoyed seeing her colorful garden and vicariously exploring the places she visited. I can’t help wishing I could discover another album of hers; but since that’s unlikely to happen, I hope you enjoy one last look at the garden in these shots from late May of 2010.

I’m still deciding where this journey of memories is off to next! I have a wonderful little photo album of a South American tour that I’m eager to dive into; but first I might just take a quick look back at some high school annual memories from 1968. Stay tuned!

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