The Adventure Continues… Tehachapi

Roughly halfway through this amazing episode it occurred to me that it might have been titled “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles”! Some of the territory Huell discovers on this Road Trip adventure looks awfully familiar to me, since we passed through the small town of Tehachapi on Highway 58 only a couple of weeks ago. We didn’t have time to stop and explore the surrounding area — but I definitely noticed the large collection of airplanes parked in view of the highway at what is now known as the Mojave Air and Space Port, so I’m happy to have the chance to learn a bit more about this facility. Huell actually spends the first half of the episode closer to Lancaster than Tehachapi, and of course he manages to stumble across unexpected treasures along the way. I would absolutely love to visit the Antelope Valley Indian Museum State Historic Park and see its unique architecture, not to mention enjoy its collection of artifacts.

Join Huell as he tries to get to Tehachapi, only to keep stumbling across many roadside gems like: a movie set built in the middle of the desert, a lake with no water, the Antelope Valley Indian Museum, and the Mojave airport – filled with hundreds of aircraft from all over the world, including a MiG Fighter. Finally, Huell arrives in Tehachapi to visit with Betty Stokoe and her backyard full of railroad signals. This is just a hint of what Huell’s in for next — the world-famous Tehachapi Loop, an amazing stretch of track where trains come through a tunnel and loop back over themselves on this State and National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

(Click on the linked image below to see the video.)

NOTE: Video starts around the 2:00 mark.

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