Caturday morning entertainment

I’ve often heard it said that cats are especially attracted to people who dislike them, and that sure seems to be true around here. I wouldn’t say that the Big Guy hates cats, but he has absolutely no patience for them strolling around on top of our cars and using our yard for a litterbox. His resentful feelings didn’t stop one local feral cat from raising her kittens in our back yard last year; we even had a furry feline try to tiptoe in through the open back door one summer night. In the front yard, two mature sweet gum trees are irresistible to birds and squirrels — and consequently also to the cats, who have recently been spotted more than once lurking among the roots gazing wistfully skyward. For whatever reason, the cats never attempt to climb the trees so I’m not too worried about the wildlife. I can’t help wondering if these silly kittens expect the squirrels to descend from above and nobly offer themselves up as a sacrifice!


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