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I shot some video this past weekend with my Kodak Easyshare Z7590. I’ve had this camera for a year or so; I bought it as a temporary substitute for my malfunctioning Nikon Coolpix 7500, until I could afford to get the Nikon fixed.

Now, these two cameras are both very nice, but the Kodak is not exactly comparable to the Nikon. I’m crazy about my Nikon, so I haven’t used the Kodak much since getting my Nikon fixed.

Until now. I finally realized that the Kodak is awesome for shooting video — in fact, it beats the Nikon hands down in this regard, in my opinion. Sure, you can’t zoom in and out; but the video I shot outdoors last weekend had great color and crystal clear sound (the Nikon’s video picks up a lot of camera noise — very annoying). And with a big enough memory card, you can shoot a quite a bit of footage.

We took our three old dogs for one of their favorite walks together.  We used to do this walk from our house, over to the bluffs, and down the dirt trail to Lake Natoma.  At this point in their lives, it’s a bit too much to ask all three of them — especially Gabby, our little short-legged Staffy — to walk all the way down there, play, and then walk all the way back. So now we drive them to the bluff and back, and they can spend all their energy on the fun part of the walk.

It’s not a fancy movie and not very long, but it’s the first video I’ve ever uploaded to You Tube. I didn’t even bother to edit it or anything; I’ll probably upload more video from our walk later on, and then I’ll start thinking about fixing them up. For now, I just thought it would be fun to share a look at my dog family heading off to have some fun.

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