What is that?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is called “What’s this?”

This challenge is to post a photo or two that you think viewers might be not be able to identify.  And let bloggers guess as to what object you photographed.  This is meant to be fun and hopefully will get us interacting with each other more than usual.

I’ll admit I found this challenging pretty frustrating… until finally a little bit of inspiration hit me.  I hope everybody has fun guessing what my photos are.



Thanks for the great guesses thus far.   I thought I’d add a few clues.  They are two very different, unrelated items, though both have to do with hobbies.

One of these items is new — though it’s not something you’d see every day unless you happen to be involved in the related hobby.

The other object is very vintage (though not antique).  The numbers are pretty important, to keep everything organized!

UPDATE:  The answers are HERE.



    • Well, you’re sort of in the right area with one of them. 😃 But the two photos aren’t related to each other.

  1. The first one looks like one of those wheels with pins stuck in a circle but since they are numbered I’m sure it is something else. But definitely to do with handicrafts like sewing or knitting. Second one also, maybe for weaving or similar. Close ups like this show how fascinating every day items can be if they are creatively photographed.

    • Thanks for your guess! You’re actually very close, except that the first item isn’t anything to do with handcrafts. Other than that, I’d say you’re spot on. 🙂

      • You should do that. I’ve been staring at the picture for hours and still no idea what they were. Or you could give more hints.

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