Answers to What Is That?

I really enjoyed the “What’s This?” challenge brought to us by Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge! A lot of the fun was visiting other people’s blogs and guessing at their items; but I also loved being the one with all the answers!

Before I reveal the answers to my two photos, I thought I’d share a wider view, just in case you’d still like to have a guess.  I’ll start with my second item.


In case that doesn’t help at all, the answer is below:


And now for my first object, I’ve got two wider views — and if you can remember what we blogging photographers used to do before the Internet was invented, this should start to make more sense!




Need more info??  Here’s the answer:


Thanks to Cee, and to all the lovely people who made their guesses on my blog!

And now I’m off to Folsom to watch Stage 6 of the Amgen Tour of California! 😀



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