Dial M for Motivation

I’ve never done any theme days on my blog — unless you can count the photo challenges I take part in twice each week — but I’m thinking maybe now is a good time to try one out.

I took on a project a couple of months ago that I’ve been excited about for awhile:  namely, scanning and archiving the many, many color slides my dad shot over the years.  It took me awhile to get all the equipment set up to do this, but I finally was able to get started!

And then, not much happened.  I’m still excited about the project, but all sorts of little things have gotten in the way (this month it’s the Tour de France).  I think it’s time to stop making excuses and get serious about the work… especially since I’ve still got a whole lot of slides to scan!   The first 100 slides are from our family trips to Mexico in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and I know there are even more to come.

So, how does Mexico Mondays sound?  I’ll share one image each week, and I’m hoping this will keep me on track, since I so desperately need somebody to crack the whip (and my mom is much too sweet to ever do that)!

This coming Monday will be my official start, but here’s an image to kick things off.  Hope you enjoy Mexico Mondays!


  1. Mexico Mondays sounds great… and I’ll be looking forward to the images. I’d be interested in what kind of scanner you have and any advantages\disadvantages you have with it. I have thousands of slides from my earlier years of shooting that I want to eventually scan and archive… but I haven’t obtained a scanner as yet. You have an interesting project ahead of you… and thanks for inviting us along for the ride!


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