Mexico Monday, Week 1

Welcome to the first installment of Mexico Monday!

After (belatedly) doing a little math last night, I realized that if I share one picture each week it would take me 2 years (!) to finish the first bunch of slides.  And so I decided to post 2-3 images each week, at the very least.

IMG_0002-edit frame

Summer 1972

Also, one of my awesome readers, Galen911, has asked about the scanner I’m using and my setup.  I wanted to go with something fairly inexpensive and simple, and I wound up buying my scanner off Amazon.  It’s a Bower Negative and Slide Scanner, model SD502, and I really like it — but I had a problem initially.

I was a little overeager when shopping, and I bought the scanner without realizing it’s not compatible with anything after Windows XP — oops!  I’m running Windows 7 currently, and the scanner software refused to work.


Luckily, I never throw anything away; I still had my (quite beloved) old Windows XP computer sitting around unused.  I’m able to scan the slides onto that, and then transfer them to the newer computer for editing and archiving.


Summer 1970, Tatlaya

In regard to the images, I’ll try to provide some info about them when possible, but my dad didn’t leave too many notes and my memories are pretty vague, given that I was so young.


1970 — Colima; Dodge

Thanks for sharing these memories with me, and I’ll have a few more next week!


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