Mexico Monday, Week 12

We have been providing love to our kids long enough now that a number of our earlier children have returned to visit the home they remember with fondness, and to thank us for the love they received while here. Often they portray their time with us as the sole bright spot and changed focus of an otherwise troubled youth.

Remember the orphanage I showed you last week?  I have a few more images, and a little background information.




I wanted to confirm my memory that the orphanage was located in Tepic (in the state of Nayarit); a quick Google took me to the page of Casa de Niños.



A quote from their website:

“While ministering in the prison in Tepic in 1968, the late Dr. Frank Gonzales saw several little boys among the inmates. Upon questioning the warden, he was told that the boys were homeless street children. Since there was no children’s home in the entire state of Nayarit, they had no choice but to put the boys in with the adult prisoners. Right there the Lord placed the burden on Frank’s heart to open a home for orphaned and abandoned children. In 1970 because of God’s faithfulness and many caring people, ground was broken for the Casa de Niños. Frank traveled throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico with his singing group, spreading the “good news” of the gospel of Jesus Christ and raising support for the orphanage. On April 6, 1994, Frank was called to his eternal reward, but the vision God gave him for the children lives on at Casa de Niños Frank Gonzales.”



The orphanage is still very much in operation today, and they welcome groups who wish to visit — spending time with the children and pitching in with some of the chores!

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